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Cut Off
WHAT would it be like if you couldn’t have the only thing in the world you really cared about? If you lived in a family where everyone except you seemed completely sorted in their lives? What if this was just a façade concealing a web of ambition, fear, secrets and lies? And what if your secret was the darkest and most shameful of all?

Ava feels out of place in her high-achieving family – and hates being compared to her clever and beautiful sister, Victoria. She has no idea that Victoria, barely able to cope with the pressure to be perfect, is concealing a terrible secret.

But soon an unexpected turn of events brings their relationship to crisis point. Will they see how much they need each other or remain cut off forever?

Buy from Amazon | Age Group: 11 plus | Publisher: Picadilly Press



Soul Love
Living with the past can be difficult, even at fifteen…Jenna doesn’t want to betray her friends and won’t reveal the truth behind her exclusion from school. So she is sent away to live with her aunt in a sleepy countryside village.

It’s here that she meets Gabriel, who seems so genuine and different from other people she knows. But she is wary of him at first – lately boys have been nothing but trouble for Jenna, and Gabe can be moody and withdrawn.

Despite her caution, Jenna can’t help falling in love with Gabriel, and the longer she spends with him, the more deeply in love she falls. Could he be her soul mate? He seems to be the only one who understands Jenna and doesn’t leap to coclusions. But then she discovers that Gabriel is living with a deep secret of his own…

Buy from Amazon | Age Group: 11 plus | Publisher: Picadilly Press



Fall Out
“As I walked along, I felt a chill in the air. It was September and the weather was turning from last-minute summer into cool autumn. Time to nag Mum for a new winter coat. I walked slowly along the path that ran by the side of the flats. Several flats were lit up but Lotte’s was dark and empty. It was different last time I was there, in July…”

Stella and Lotte were best friends forever…until one summer something happened that changed everything. Now Stella can’t bear the sight of Lotte, and yet she misses her. But once you’ve fallen out with your best friend, things can never be the same again, can they?

Buy from Amazon | Age Group: 10 plus | Publisher: Picadilly Press



Drucilla and the Cracked Pot
with illustrations by Martin Remphry

Drucilla is famous for causing trouble – but she isn’t always to blame…

She didn’t sell the Roman Arrmy officer a broken pot, and it wasn’t her toy chariot he slipped on. It wasn’t her idea for Mum to get re-married, and go back to Rome to live. And as for finding the curse… How does Drucilla cope with the chaos and confusion of her life?

Buy from Amazon | Age Group: 7-11 | Publisher: A & C Black



with illustrations by John Kent

My mind buzzed all through English. Part of me said, ‘So what if Dad has a new girlfriend?’ The other part of me just kept saying ‘Snugglepuss’ and feeling sick.

Tessa is having a hard time – her English teacher, Miss Chambers, has singled her out as a hopeless case, and her dad has turned into a lovesick puppy, who can’t stop drooling over his darling ‘Snugglepuss’. Could things possibly get any worse?

Buy from Amazon | Age Group: 10 plus | Publisher: A & C Black (Graffix)



Just Like
with illustrations by Arthur Robins
Sam is just like someone else in his family, but who could it be? Is it Auntie Bertha with her delicate skin? Or the show-off, Great Uncle Bernard? Could it be quiet Uncle Norris? Oh no, it couldn’t be Auntie Joan… could it?

Age Group: 4 plus | Publisher: Little Hippo



Bonnie Fitch
Bonnie Fitch is used to people calling her a fat cow at the bus stop and laughing at her when she wears her leotard for GCSE Performing Arts. She can even handle Mum sympathetically saying it’s puppy fat, whilst dropping mega-hints about diets.

Bonnie doesn’t care. There’s more to life than trying to squash yourself into clothes from Trendi Fashions: there’s the vision of hunkiness, Robin Wilson, for example, who’s almost as scrummy as a chocolate bar. So when the man himself asks Bonnie if she’d like to help with the school magazine, she just has to say yes, finding herself thrown in at the deep end as an agony aunt extraordinaire…

Age Group: 10 plus | Publisher: Red Fox Young Adult Books



More Bonnie Fitch
‘Question: Why is it that when people fall in love they become so boring? They never want to see their old friends and when they do, all they want to talk about is HIM. Why?’

It’s a new term at school, and things just aren’t the same for Bonnie Fitch. For starters, her best friend Lindsay has fallen boringly in love with gross Danny Logan, whereas Bonnie is still feeling confused about her end-of-term kiss with Philip and keeps going red at the most awful moments. To top things off, the drippy new Drama teacher wants them to do a historical project. Bor-ing!

Things look up though, when fun-loving Sheena joins the Drama group, and suddenly Bonnie finds herself caught up in plans for a dog-napping and the hunt for a legendary school ghost! It all seems like harmless fun at first, but as is usual for Bonnie, trouble is right around the corner…

Age Group: 10 plus | Publisher: Red Fox Young Adult Books


What they say

Magazines & newspapers

“This fab read shows how important pals are when things go wrong.” MIZZ MAGAZINE

“Another fun read.” THE OBSERVER

“Great lines and very believable characters.” CHILDREN’S BOOK UK

Young readers

Soul Love really is a “can’t put down book”. I literally didn’t until I’d finished it (revision just had to wait!). Waterhouse deals with many of the problems teenagers face including friendship, trust, popularity, fitting in and the most difficult of them all, love.

If this book doesn’t make you think, even for a minute, about your life and your opinions, there are very few books that will.
Niloufar Haidari, John Kelly Girls’ Technology College, Y10

“From the minute I opened this book I liked it and then as I read on it became more and more addictive.”
Laura Kelly

“I loved Soul Love and have already lent it to one of my friends. I would recommend it to most girls (and boys!) over the age of around 13. All I can say is have tissues at the ready as I cried an awful lot at this book!!!”
Holly Parsons

“I really enjoyed reading this book. I found it interesting but funny, a light read but at the same time in depth with some of the issues involved.”
Kathryn McLagan

Amazon reviews

Cut Off is a great read. The language sparkles and is often poetic but the dialogue remains realistic and gritty. The characters are vibrant, real and sympathetic and their stories will touch and engage teenage girls, especially those who may feel that they don’t “fit in” and those who set themselves impossibly high standards and whose identity is wrapped up in being “the best”. It is a welcome reminder to take the pressure off, to allow girls to find their own passions in life and not to desire or expect perfection from them.
Joanna Rossetti

“Fall Out is entertaining and heart warming. I strongly felt myself relating to both characters, thinking “oh what a shame”, then changing my mind for the other character. Of course, like every fairytale story it has a happy ending – but believe me, this is no fairytale story…”

Soul Love is a gripping read, this story is about a girl and a boy – who both have a past. But it’s not just a tale of teenage romance. At the heart of this book is a secret that is painfully real and hard hitting. Lynda Waterhouse’s light, funny, readable text slowly releases a heart-breaking truth. This is one to make you laugh, and cry, and think about long after. Brilliant.
M. Rose

Fun to read, fun to read out loud, fun to look at – Just Like is the best children’s book I’ve had the pleasure to read in many a long year!


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